Holiday Cookie Fails

I usually cook and bake most meals from scratch. I have recently dived further into the world of baking, and I can make anything from apple crumble to baklava. Cookies are usually mill-of-the-run to me, so I have had little desire to bake any. I was feeling pretty lazy the other night but wanted something sweet. I typically will avoid most desserts and sweets while at home unless I bake them from scratch.


That was not the case the other night. I decided to purchase Bake House Creations Spooky Sugar Cookie Dough for two bucks from ALDI. I am pretty sure you can find this cookie dough at any store that sells generic food brands. Anyways, for two bucks I could not pass up this product. I think the cartoon pumpkin graphics also won me over and reminded me of my childhood. Very 1996.

I baked the cookies following the product’s directions. When I pulled them out of the oven, the cookies smelled similar to a margarine or cheap butter and were perfectly crisped. I could not get over the weird shapes and chalky taste. Overall, I regretted this purchase but my husband Josh enjoyed them because they turned out pretty hilarious. Also, he just so happens to enjoy the taste of margarine.

I’d honestly whip these up for a large party —because I probably would not like a large percentage of the guests there—but not for myself or an intimate gathering.

Next weekend I am going to post a few old and new Halloween recipes. Stay tuned.

– Skye


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