Saturday Beer Review

Today is a lazy Saturday, so my friend Brandon and I decided to hang around in my yard and rate beer.


Skye: 3-coffins(3 Coffins)

Good for a Saturday afternoon while listening to Brenton Wood. The best thing about this beer is the nice amber hue, and it’s pretty easy to drink despite being 9%. Like most pumpkin beers, it tastes like pumpkin pie. I’d buy this just for the high alcohol content.

Brandon: coffins(3 1/2 coffins) and many drops of sap on a warm, easy weekend afternoon

I am piggybacking off of Skye’s thoughts. There are much worse ways to drink 9% beer. Pumpkin beers are a total novelty. They bring about a definitive feeling of an anticipated feeling. Autumn forever, etc. Someone once asked, “Do people actually like Pumpkin Beer, or is it just that they cannot admit they have bad taste?” Good question. Not sure how to answer, though. It’s just a time of the season and a beer, with great company and conversation, so that boosts the score a bit, tbh. Pumpkin beer is whatever. If I never drink it again, I won’t lose sleep.


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