Gifting Season and Rescuing Pets

As “gifting season” approaches, many puppies and kittens will be purchased for children, parents, significant others, etc. For decades, heartwarming movies have presented the idea that gifting pets results in happy endings. Unfortunately, a majority of these pets end up in abused and neglected environments, shelters, and/or euthanized. All pet adoptions and purchases should never be based on impulses, because animals are more than a novelty and/or plaything. Pets are living beings who require a lot of time, attention, training, and love. They will grow to become more active and needy and this is why emotional, financial, and time commitments need be to assessed prior to obtaining them. Your new family members—because that’s what they are—will require a lot of prepping and planning, but they are entirely worth it.

My husband,  Josh, and I have adopted all of our pets. As children, we grew up with a lot of pets so it is no surprise that we now have 4 in total—2 cats and 2 dogs. Our two cats are named Theodore and Clementine and we have had them for a little over 4 years. We found them as we were cleaning up our first home’s backyard. Theodore is the bicolor one and Clementine is covered in catnip.

Milo is our first dog and he was an unwanted puppy. We took him in about four years ago. He is a chihuahua-sheltie mix with a big attitude. Milo is my baby boy and despite his size, we have taken him on many of our outdoorsy ventures. He loves to be walked, go on long car rides, and nap all day. I also think he works out when I am not home. His biceps are intense.

Milo, our baby boy

Our newest edition is a rescue Doberman named Kaiser. He came to us from an abusive environment. Kaiser’s previous owners kept him muzzled and in a crate for two years. Unfortunately, he was not well socialized or trained. He was fed table scraps which resulted in him being severely underweight, dehydrated, and left with kidney issues.

Prior to rescuing Kaiser, Josh and I had contemplated getting another rescue dog. When this opportunity presented itself, we knew we had to take him in. So far, he’s adjusting very well, but we do need to get him neutered and in a few obedience classes. Our other pets seem to be adjusting to him, but there will definitely be a few kinks to iron out.

Here are some photos of Kaiser when he was living between homes.

The next month will be very busy, but worth it.


Also, if you’re considering pet adoption, here are some resources:

Humane Society

One Green Planet

And here is a resource outlining some issues with gifting pets:

Paw Rescue



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